Jimmy Gorecki

Age: 34
Birthday: June 7th
Hometown: Norristown, PA
Favorite Artist: Beanie Sigel
Favorite Album: The Truth
Favorite Food: Italian Hoagie
Favorite Brand: No.One Footwear
Jimmy Gorecki, as some of you may know was an original rider for Pharrell Williams Ice Cream Skate Team.  Jimmy graduated from Temple University with a marketing degree, rode for numerous skateboard companies, became a director of marketing, started his own brand, and started a family.  The first time I ever came across Gorecki was one afternoon in 6th grade when my best friend Danny and I received the "Team Ice Cream Vol. 1" DVD in the mail from his older brother.  We instantly noticed how fly and icy these dudes were but always stayed true to who they were throughout the film.  Luckily, Danny's older brother Matthew was somehow plugged with Pharrell.. so surprisingly we got free Ice Cream clothing and sneakers. We were just a bunch of young dirty kids wearing baggy jeans with fresh out the plastic Season 0 Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream gear that everyone wanted at the time.  A lot of people don't know the true history behind Pharrells skate team so I decided to reach out to Jimmy G for an interview...


So Jimmy, how'd you fall in love with the art of skateboarding?
Sitting on my grandparents porch in Coatesville, Pennsylvania... I watched this older crew of skateboarders dragging this launch ramp to this school across the street. I was instantly hooked from there. This had to be either 1987 or 1988 from what I remember...

What are some of the skateboard companies that sponsored you? 
I've rode for some awesome brands over the years. Aesthetics skateboards, Zoo York, and Ice Cream... Aesthetics was definitely my favorite one. 
How'd your parents feel about you pursuing skateboarding as a profession?
Honestly, early on it was very hard for them to see a future in it because coming from we're from, in a small town in Pennsylvania.. no one had done it before. It's a very non-traditional route. 
How did Pharrell Williams reach out to you about joining his first ever skate team? 
That actually came via Nino Scalia. Nino is my old head from Philly.... a really close friend of mine.  Nino really had developed the whole program from start to finish for Pharrell... He was the brand manager.
How was your relationship with the rest of the Ice Cream Team?
For the most part everything was good. When you travel around that much, sometimes there's a bit of "ego" involved.. you're bound to go through some ups and downs along the way but during that specific time it wasn't anything we couldn't get through as a team.
What are some of your favorite memories being on Team Ice Cream?  
It's really hard for me to single out any one thing because the whole period of time was really special to me personally. The feeling of what we we're doing back then was so unlike anything I'd been apart of before..
Who was the coolest celebrity that you came across along the journey?
Emory Jones for sure.. I grew up a Roc Boy.
 What is your all-time favorite BBC or ICE CREAM piece of clothing that you own in your closet?
My favorite all-time piece hands down has to be the Ice Cream letter man.. which I just actually reacquired a little bit ago. 
After the group unfortunately fell apart what field(s) did you venture off into?
I went on to consult for a Disney Channel Television program called "Zeke and Luther." I served as the "skateboarding coordinator" on the set.  We shot three total successful seasons over the course of four years. 
Do you still keep in contact with the rest of the team?
I still touch base with the team here and there sometimes. A couple of us have children and families now so its really hard to stay fully connected.. but we know its all love in the end.
A lot of people out there don't realize you guys had a staple in the fashion game back then. Today, when you look around now there are still so many individuals wearing Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, and A Bathing Ape, which you guys were all wearing in like 2005/2006. Whats your take on this?
It's very cool to me. For example, when you see people like Ian Connor posting images on his social media account, its easy to decipher that we did that...
Do you believe that skateboarding impacted street-wear and fashion?
Absolutely. It always has and always will be. My biggest mission in life is making people out there understand how truly deep skateboarding's roots are in the fashion game. We've been inspiring fashion for a while now. 
It was real awesome to see the Made In Tokyo x Big Sean - "Skateboard P" visuals come out.. what did you think of it? 
Amazing. Made in Tokyo actually reached out to me prior to the video releasing and dropped me a note on how much he was inspired by it. It was truly an honor to be reached out by him.  
I saw on Instagram that you're apart of a company called "No.One".. what's the company about? 
All handmade very high end footwear done in Venice California. Led by Mark Gainor, who is truly the most talented, hardworking, deserving designer and art director I've ever worked for. The way he sees things is on a whole different level...
Do you have any projects or collaborations coming out that we should look out for?
We're dropping the second model under No.One called the "Bravo." It really is more beautiful than any other hi end footwear item out there on the market today.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans out there?
If anyone out there that is a fan on mine? Thank you. If I can inspire anyone the way those before me have left an influence on... than I am truly humbled.
-Anthony Strachan-Butler

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